Defining Definitions – To suffer

On New Year’s Day I was working out in the gym. Rocking along to some 80’s music when out of nowhere, Stevie Wonder’s smooth music slid into my ears: “When we believe in things we don’t understand, we suffer.” Truer words were never spoken. I thought about the previous year and all the complexity heldContinue reading “Defining Definitions – To suffer”

Pandemic Adventures in the City

Some of my family and friends worry that I live in the city during the world’s worst pandemic. For them, it’s the perfect storm for a disaster. I look at it very differently. First, I live in a building that is locked down. No one other than immediate family is allowed in. I have aContinue reading “Pandemic Adventures in the City”

Does anyone listen anymore or are we all so busy talking we can’t hear?

Listening is a lost art. In my past life I wasn’t a good listener. I would be in a conversation with someone and when they said something I wanted to reply to, I would start gathering my thoughts in my head. Then, when there was a pause, and sometimes there wasn’t a pause, I wouldContinue reading “Does anyone listen anymore or are we all so busy talking we can’t hear?”