Melissa Sharp Terrels

I’m Melissa

Hand Weaver, Artist and Comprehensive Yoga Therapist

Im getting old. Or older… As I age, I think I’m gaining wisdom. But who knows, right? My daughter thinks I’m losing my mind. And wisdom is relative, right? But wisdom isn’t something you just get. Wisdom is the choice we can make to look at life and see it with all its complexities. Complexities that can’t always be explained because they are complicated. Wisdom is the combination of introspection, knowledge that maybe what I learned is – or isn’t – the absolute truth. Then true wisdom is putting this information to use by questioning my opinions and judgments. All of this information I’ve gathered in life isn’t good and it’s not bad. It just is. All of our lives are informed and built by how we lived and what we learned and were taught. This makes us all different. If we had the wisdom to know this, maybe we could get a long better?

So with love, I try to apply this wisdom to my life and the lives that surround me. This blog is filled with letters and sentences of me trying to get that wisdom out of my head, therefore allowing me to fill it with other seemingly useless information. If you want to read it, I appreciate that. If not, that’s fine too.

Plus, I make things and my sister helps. So you can buy really cool stuff here too!

Things I do in Life
  • yoga
  • walk a lot
  • enjoy every day in the best way I know how.
  • Love through kindness
  • Talk to my kids
  • try to temper my sarcasm
  • Try to stay connected to the people I want in my life